Super Rhône Varietals

Our Rhône Varietals are grown in Ballard Canyon AVA, which is considered the premier wine growing appellation in Santa Barbara County.

Unfiltered Natural Wines

Our Unfiltered Natural wines are biodynamic and organically harvested. The grapes are hand picked and cluster sorted, de-stemmed and fermented in an open top tank. Our Grenache Blanc skin contact orange is punched once a day for 35 days in its’ skins. It is then pressed, cold settled and bottled to retain CO2. No additions are made. The natural sediment and unfiltered process is all part of enhancing the purity and flavor of the grape. The Trio set consists of our Grenache Blanc Orange, our Grenache Rosé and our Carbonic Syrah.

Carbonic Wines

The Carbonic process is different from our Unfiltered Natural wines, although it does fall under this category. We load the whole clusters into a stainless steel tank, and add gallons of fermenting juice to the top of the tank. The CO2 is suspended and trapped while the grapes continue to ferment. They are then pressed to make our Carbonic juice. We make two kinds of Carbonic Syrah using different Syrah blocks from our vineyard.

Conventional Wines

Our conventional wines are filtered and have more clarity because the sediment of the grape maceration is removed. We harvest them at the same time as our natural wines. The Grenache rouge grape and Grenache Blanc grape both lend themselves to these refreshing, dry, crisp wines.

Rancho Boa Vista Estate Wines

Rancho Boa Vista has built a reputation for excellent quality Syrah and Petíte Syrah. Most prized is our signature blend Syrahvá – a finely textured, delightful mix of Syrah and Petite Syrah. Its name comes from the Brazilian (Claudia is half Brazilian) word “saravá” which means ecstasy or hallelujah! RBV’s Grenache and Grenache Blanc are also prized by numerous Central Coast winemakers, and its inviting and tasty Claudia’s Rosé is fast becoming a favorite for all those who sip it.

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Our SUPER Team

In 2018 Dakota had the vision to take our Grenache Blanc grapes and create a skin contact wine – which was the birth of her Unfiltered Natural Wine label. She works very closely with Matt to make each of our wines have the perfect balance. AND she also designs all our wine labels using her paintings,