Team Super Real

Claudia and Andrew

Claudia & Andrew

Rancho Boa Vista has been Claudia and Andrew’s home since 1999. They knew the soil and climate was perfect for growing grapes and olive trees, and in 2011 they planted their farm on 10 acres of the land. After selling grapes to local wine makers, they decided to create their own estate wines with much encouragement from the local community. They have now created an organic and sustainable agricultural business that their children, Dakota & Josh, are extending into alternative techniques such as skin contact, carbonic red wine, and effervescent rosé.

Dakota Solt


In 2018 Dakota had the vision to take our Grenache Blanc grapes and create a skin contact wine – which was the birth of her Unfiltered Natural Wine label. She also created an effervescent rosé and for the 2020 Vintage – a Carbonic Syrah. Dakota’s wine became a hit when she started selling it from her porch in Los Feliz during quarantine (Porch Pickups as we call them). She works very closely with Matt Brady, our wine maker, to make each of our natural wines have the perfect balance and taste. Dakota also designs all our wine labels using her paintings, under her art brand Form + Color.



The family vineyard has a branch of tech and media expertise with Josh. Having previously worked at Google, he blends a knowledge of technology with a knowledge of grapes. Since its inception, Josh has enjoyed working across multiple sides of the wine business and utilizing his MBA to expand our vineyard venture. His long term vision helps Super Real Wines continue growing towards an organic, sustainable and above all, delicious future.

Samara Winemaker Matt Brady

Matt Brady

Matt is our key wine maker and alchemist. He works with Ruben Solarzano to plan the harvest picks, to achieve the perfect brix and acidity levels. Matt and Ruben have been working together for 16 years. Matt’s knowledge of alternative wines has been a great asset, since him and Dakota work closely in creating the range of our natural varietals. Matt’s facilities are close by the farm in the Santa Barbara County.

Ruben Solarzano

Ruben Solarzano

Ruben oversaw the planting and installation of the farm’s infrastructure starting in 2011. He suggested the best Rhône varietals for Ballard Canyon’s micro-climate: Syrah, Grenache, Grenache Blanc and Petite Syrah. He selected the best clones for the varied terrain and soil types. Ruben’s farming techniques include biodynamic processes, and natural sprays. He checks on each clone on a regular basis, we refer to him as “the grape whisperer.”

Tranquilino Amador

Tranquilino Amador

Tranquilino is our ranch manager and farm hand. He tends to the land, making sure our grapes and olives are receiving enough water from our reservoir – which is filled using our well. The sustainability of our farm is maintained by Tranquilino. He also delivers our wine cases to our shipping center, so he is part of the full process of getting our wines to you.

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